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CA State Courts Typical Filing Costs in Civil Litigation

CA State Courts Typical Filing Costs in Civil Litigation- california employment lawyer - sherman law corporation

The costs associated with filing documents depend on a variety of factors, including, the type of document to be filed, number of pages (i.e., copying and fax filing costs), number of parties to be served with copies, type of service (i.e., personal, email, mail, fax), the manner in which it is filed (file by fax or attorney service), costs associated with reserving court dates, and costs associated with process servers, including, locating parties and effectuating proper service.  Generally, the filing fees are set by the court’s civil fee schedule.

Currently, for unlimited civil cases in Los Angeles Superior Court, the initial filing fee for a complaint is $435; the fee for filing an answer or other first paper filed by each party other than the plaintiff is $435; the fee for motions or ex parte applications (other than motions for summary judgment or for summary adjudication) is $60; the fee for filing motions for summary judgment and/or for summary adjudication is $500.

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