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52% of all California employers will face employment-related claims, and California employee-friendly laws place much of the burden to refute or prove claims disproportionately on the employer. This often intensifies costs for the employer, but by no means can or should a California employer simply pay-off every employee who asserts a claim, regardless of merit.
At Sherman Law Corporation, we know that employment cases can lead to costly, complicated lawsuits that often stem from illegitimate claims. That’s why our team of highly-experienced attorneys ensures communication with our clients every step of the way.
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Organizing the facts

and managing expectations

Each employment case is highly-individualized, requiring factual and legal investigations into the details of each case at the outset of representation. While our experienced employment counsel can analyze the known facts of the case to identify outcomes and risks, the frustration for employers is that there are so many variables subject to change the potential outcome of the case (the judge or arbitrator, opposing counsel and parties, witnesses, collection and production of evidence supporting and refuting claims, etc.).

What differentiates Sherman Law Corporation is that we conduct these investigations thoroughly and strategically, making sure to give our clients a full understanding of the case and its various potential outcomes from the get-go.

A small team of experienced, dedicated attorneys.

The majority of law firms across the country employ associates, assistants, paralegals, and support staff who regularly work with clients, as well as the highly-experienced partners with the highest billing rates and are often further removed from the ins and outs of daily client needs. At Sherman Law Firm, however, we have created a lean, client-centric model, with one or two experienced partner-level attorneys performing the lionshare of the work at reasonable rates. Each member of our team knows our clients’ stories intimately, allowing us to give the best representation and create innovative solutions for all our clients’ needs.

“I have worked with Lisa Sherman for close to 20 years on a variety of employment-related matters for her clients and mine. She not only delivers the highest quality representation to our clients and is generous with her time, but time and time again, I have watched her singlehandedly craft and deliver highly effective tactics in litigation and transactional matters for her clients that several attorneys at a big law firm at four times the price could not do.”

~ Robert, Esq. Security Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies and High Profile Complex Investigations

attorney lisa sherman - california employment lawyer

Putting clients first

Communication is vital at Sherman Law, and we do everything in our power to ensure that clients understand the case, can clarify questions with us at any time, and avoid any extra costs.

To avoid these costs, we at the Sherman Law Corporation communicate with our clients in a clear and concise manner, answering any questions and clarifications the clients may have. Clients become part of the Sherman Law family, and we take clients’ issues as seriously as if the issues were our own.

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Sherman Law Corporation conducts investigations thoroughly and strategically, making sure to give our clients a full understanding of the case and its various potential outcomes from the get-go.

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When you hire the Sherman Law Firm

Working with the Sherman Law Firm ensures that you retain dedicated, personalized representation and counseling. Additionally, we occasionally collaborate with a variety of experienced professionals who share our philosophies. These experts may include other employment attorneys, security consultants, private investigators, consultants, and human resource professionals who help guarantee each and every client of the Sherman Corporation is receiving the attorney services possible.

We collaborate with

Pam Teren

California Employment Attorney

Pam Teren’s highly proficient employee representation and trial experience together with the strength of Lisa Sherman’s strategic defense experience and trial preparation has enabled them to level the playing field.

Mary Pierce

California Employment Attorney

Founder of MaryPierceLaw and has been practicing labor and employment law exclusively representing employers for over 15 years.

Sherman Law Corporation, Teren Law Group and MaryPierceLaw are independent law firms, who share common objectives and standards, but are not under common control or management. Sherman Law Corporation Teren Law Group and MaryPierceLaw disclaim any responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of the other. Sherman Law Corporation, Teren Law Group and MaryPierceLaw are not engaged in the joint practice of law, nor is there any legal or partnership relationship between them.

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Call 323-488-2087 for a free initial consultationCall 323-488-2087 for a free initial consultation


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