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Updating an Outdated California Employee Handbook

California Employee Handbook


What Employer doesn’t have an Employee Handbook with the requisite at-will language to defeat implied contract claims? So 1990’s. It’s 2014… Time to Update these HOT Employment Areas:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”), Unlawful Harassment, Discrimination, Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policies to comply with new protected characteristics and new legislation.
  • Benefits are up-to-date and accurate including, any health insurance changes.
  • Leaves of Absences include newly recognized or changed requirements for leaves required under some state laws such as, pregnancy leaves, firefighter, reserve peace officer or emergency rescue leaves, domestic violence, jury duty, school leaves, military or reserves leaves, and bone marrow and organ donor leaves.
  • Protection of Company Property and Trade Secrets including, updating confidentiality agreement, non-solicitation and conflict of interest policies, company-issued equipment issuance and requirements of acceptable use, etc. and Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) policies or prohibition of personal devices to ensure protection of Company property and trade secrets.
  • Electronic Communications Policy to govern the use of all modes of communications involving the Company and its property, including remote access.
  • Social Media and Professional Networking rules is so critical with employees’ use of social media in the workplace today.
  • Violence in the Workplace Policies to ensure safety in the workplace.
  • Compliance with the National Labor Relations Act prohibiting employers from enacting any policies that prohibit employees from concerted activity, i.e., to freely discuss the terms and conditions of their employment and compliance with the numerous decisions rendered in the last year by the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) which govern union and non-union employers.
  • Take out Arbitration Agreements and revise them as stand-alone agreements in compliance with the every-changing laws.

California Employee Handbook Updating

For more information on updating your California employee handbook, feel free to call Lisa Sherman at (323) 488-2087 or email

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