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New Posters for CA Businesses with 20 Plus Employees

New Posters for CA Businesses with 20 Plus Employees - california employment lawyer - sherman law corporation

Twenty Employees or More? New Poster Requirements for California Businesses

California smaller businesses with 20-49 employees now have a new posting requirement, and larger businesses with 50 or more employees have an updated posting obligation. There is also a revised medical certification form. The new required postings primarily address:

  • The addition of the New Parent Leave Act (“NPLA”) which expanded twelve weeks of unpaid baby bonding leave to smaller business with 20-49 employees in the California Family Rights Act’s (“CFRA”) definition section; and
  • The removal of gender-specific pronouns and references in the CFRA’s Certification of Health Care Provider form.

The posters must be displayed prominently where employees and applicants for employment can easily see them. If 10% or more of the workforce speaks a language other than English, a version must also be posted in that language.

The DFEH provides translated posters in several languages and will work with an employer if other translations are needed. In addition to the new posters, employers may also wish to provide notice of this benefit to all current employees. As an alternative to displaying multiple DFEH posters, some employers prefer to purchase and display an “all-in-one” poster from the California Chamber of Commerce.

Employers also need to update their handbooks and policies on the new leave policies and updated medical certification form if they have not already done so.

For more information on employer postings or updating policies and handbooks to comply with these changes, feel free to contact Lisa Sherman at or (323) 488-2087.

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