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On-Site Training- california employment lawyer - sherman law corporation

Employers often times provide the minimal mandatory training through programs on-line. Unfortunately, it’s no different than on-line traffic school! In fact, if an employer relies upon the training provided to supervisors in front of a jury, nothing is more effective than an employer who retained a seasoned employment attorney to teach and train supervisors in person. Our own experience has shown that on-site training is effective, especially when we bring real life lawsuits into the classroom and engage supervisors in what they would do and what actually happened in the case. More importantly, when we conduct training, we often times uncover unreported claims or morale issues that we can then resolve before it becomes unmanageable. Lastly, on-site training reaffirms an employer’s commitment to its employees and a pleasant, productive working environment. Trainings we regularly conduct include:

  • Employer Supervisor Training 101 on employment law obligations
  • Anti-Harassment, discrimination and retaliation training for employees and supervisors
  • Employer Supervisor training on Hiring, Leaves of Absence, Discipline, Confidentiality, Violence, Terminations, Investigations
  • Human Resource Training on Employer Required Compliance, mandatory training, personnel records, administering leaves, benefit record, wage and hour compliance
  • IT Compliance and protection of trade secrets, proprietary information and confidential information, E-discovery preparedness and data protection
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