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California Pregnancy Leave Requirements under FEHA

California Pregnancy Leave Requirements under FEHA- california employment lawyer - sherman law corporation

New California Pregnancy Leave Requirements Under FEHA Require Employers to Post Information Regarding Pregnancy Leave.

In addition to implementing a new harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy, employers are still required to distribute to new employees the FEHA’s pamphlet entitled, “Sexual Harassment: The Facts About Sexual Harassment,” (Form DFEH-185) or an alternative writing setting forth the same basic information.

New Posting Requirement for CA Pregnancy-Related Accommodations and Disability Leaves:

The DFEH has created a new notice entitled “Your Rights and Obligations As A Pregnant Employee” that all employers subject to FEHA are required to display.

  • The notice advises employees of their rights and responsibilities regarding pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions. The new notice replaces the two prior notices created by the DFEH, one of which applied to employers with more than fifty employees (who are required to comply with family and medical leave laws) and one for employers with less than fifty employees.
  • The notice must be translated to another language if ten percent (10%) of the workforce at any facility speak that language as their spoken language.

The amended FEHA regulations also clarify that an employee is entitled to up to four months of pregnancy-related disability leave per pregnancy, not per year, and that transgender individuals who are disabled by pregnancy are protected under the law.

For more information on California pregnancy leave requirements, feel free to contact our office at (424) 249 -3631.

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