It really depends on the matter and a variety of other factors, including, who we are representing in the matter. We offer alternative billing arrangements (such as, flat fees that may include a set number of hours) for certain matters, such as, preparation of employee handbooks, audits and training. We traditionally bill by the hour for counseling, potential or actual representation in legal actions. Certain costs are easily estimated such as filing fees, while others, such as the costs of depositions will vary depending on whether or not it is videotaped, the number of exhibits that are marked, and pages of testimony, but we can provide an estimated range.

On hourly fee arrangements, we bill in increments of a quarter of an hour for the time spent by attorneys, paralegals and others who may aid in representation on a monthly basis and for any costs incurred (which are specified in our retainer agreement). We typically require payment of a retainer which is a deposit placed in our attorney client trust account and applied monthly to our bills, with any remaining amounts refunded to the client.  Payment is due upon receipt. We accept all major credit cards, wires, PayPal, and business checks. Once the retainer is exhausted and applied to monthly bills, we reserve the right to require replenishment of the retainer.